Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slow start to 2010

I really need to update this much more. Since the last post I took two weeks off over Christmas and started back on the 7th of January. I played live cash games most nights until the 13th and was in profit each of the 6 nights so playing well without actually running well. On the 13th I played a €75 sat for a Killarney main event ticket and ended up doing a deal 3 handed to take the cash. The reason I wanted to take the cash is that I thought that this event would get low numbers for a few reasons. Firstly it’s too far to travel and with accommodation and expenses it works unprofitable unless you go very deep as even if you just limp into the money you probably still have a loosing weekend. Secondly it’s too soon after Christmas where money is tight for people. It was the correct decision as it only got 106 runners when they expected 150+.

From the 14th to the 17th I put in 17hrs of live cash over 3 nights and just ran so bad each night but even though I had 3 losing nights I managed to keep it to a minimum by not tilting which for me is a great achievement. I also played some online the following 3 days but again I run so bad online and again put in a losing few days. So back to live poker again I decided to play some more events before the Green joker poker European deepstack event as I bought in to it getting one of the much wanted golden tickets. It’s a €500 freezeout event with a 50,000 starting stack so it really suits my tight game. Tonight I played the €50+5 freezeout in the Olympus club in Waterford and again managed to get heads up in this event and cash for €400. That is now 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a 7th from my last 6 live tournaments. I think I will play more tournaments before the Deepstack event and maybe play the tournament in Clonmel at the Big slick event. That’s all my news for now but I will try to update this at least weekly just to keep myself more in touch with my results and might even start to do some hand history’s which will give you all an insight into the mind of a genius lol.